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Eighth Wonder Investments’ co-owners, Nathan Bremer and Joe Keimig, desire to serve individuals and families from all walks of life and levels of wealth.


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Welcome to Eighth Wonder Investments of Fargo, ND

Eighth Wonder Investments is based out of Fargo, ND. We serve clients both locally and nationally with comprehensive financial planning and investment management.

We don’t just tailor our services to the needs of high-net-worth individuals. We welcome all, as we believe everyone deserves access to expert investment management, as well as retirement, tax, college, and estate planning. We offer additional assistance to those who wish to receive the greatest possible advantage from their employee benefits.

Whatever your financial goals might be, we’re passionate about making them a reality. Whether it includes retirement, home ownership, or higher education, you don’t truly know what you can achieve until you have consulted one of Eighth Wonder Investment’s seasoned financial advisors.


We help individuals and families with comprehensive financial planning and investment management tailored to their unique financial goals. Below are some of our most popular services.


Everyone has unique goals in retirement. We help create unique retirement plans tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are just entering the workforce, planning to retire soon, or already in retirement, we are here to guide you on your journey.


Employee benefits are sometimes cumbersome and difficult to understand. Let us help you ensure you are selecting the proper benefits to take advantage of employer offerings. From retirement plans such as 401(k)s to health insurance and everything in between.


We manage your investments based on your unique needs and goals, so you can focus on living your life and worrying less about your money.


Paying taxes is never enjoyable. We help you plan in order to minimize the amount of taxes you pay, keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs.


Looking to send a child, grandchild, or other loved one to college? We can create a plan that will help fund their education.


No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and something in common — you cannot take it with you when you die. Let’s make sure your wishes are carried out to benefit the individuals and/or organizations that matter most to you.

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Eighth Wonder Investments is co-owned by career financial advisors Nathan Bremer and Joe Keimig. We look forward to meeting you and understanding how we can help you achieve your financial goals.