Eighth Wonder Investments’ co-owners, Nathan Bremer and Joe Keimig, desire to serve individuals and families from all walks of life and levels of wealth.

Meet the Owners, Nathan Bremer and Joe Keimig

Nathan and Joe became independent advisors to avoid several trends they saw in the financial industry, such as:

  • Insurance salesmen claiming to be full-service advisors only to sell you a policy
  • Lower net worth individuals being neglected completely
  • High-cost transactional work rather than long term relationships

So Nathan and Joe left their corporate positions to found Eighth Wonder Investments and built the company from the ground up to avoid these trends. Contrary to many big firms, they believe that everyone deserves quality personalized financial advice, free of any outside influence. They accomplish this through long-term relationships with a variety of solutions tailored to the individual.

Today, the advisors partner with a diverse range of private clients who want to plan for retirement, send their children or grandchildren to college, afford a home fit for their growing family, or achieve any other feasible financial goal.

When you meet with us, we pledge to leave you in a better condition than when you came, whether you become a client or not.

At Eighth Wonder Investments, we don’t just look at your current net worth. We look at your potential net worth, and then we provide you with the industry-leading financial management you need to finally realize it. We believe everyone’s dreams should be within reach.


I started Eighth Wonder Investments in 2020 to help every individual achieve their financial goals and to take the weight of financial stress off their shoulders. I named the company Eighth Wonder Investments from a quote from Albert Einstein: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, he who understands it earns it, he who doesn’t pays it.” After beginning my career in banking, I noticed that there are two types of people, those who have compounding working for them and those who have it working against them. My goal is to help as many people as possible better understand the power of compounding and help them implement it in their personalized financial plan.

Being an independent financial advisor allows me the flexibility to serve a variety of clients and offer them the high level of service they deserve. We have a saying at Eighth Wonder Investments that friends become clients, and clients become friends. Whether you’re just beginning to save for retirement, already in retirement, or somewhere in between, I want to help you make the best decisions with your money through a comprehensive financial plan.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and dog Ollie. I love spending time outdoors, traveling, and watching the Minnesota Vikings and Twins. I serve on my church’s finance council and coach youth baseball in the summer.

If you ever have questions about your plan or would like to visit more about creating and implementing one, please contact me. We will set up a time to meet to review your needs and address any questions you may have. Working together, we will create a plan to achieve your financial goals.


I became a co-owner of Eighth Wonder Investments after being an advisor for other firms in the area for the last 5 years. One of the biggest draws for me to choose ownership was to get rid of any outside influence and pressure to sell certain products. For me, the most important thing in business is to treat others as you would treat your own family (I do like my family by the way!), and being an owner, I now get to do that every single day.

For me, the most rewarding thing about coming to work is the ability to help others, and do so in a personal way. I see my clients as more than just clients, and after time, they become friends that I enjoy catching up with and usually sharing a few laughs.

I currently live in Moorhead with my wife Taylor, my son Hudson, and our dog Ruger. I enjoy going camping, playing hockey, and spending time with my family, which mostly involves chasing Hudson around. I am a member of the Fargo West Rotary Club and do my best to participate in volunteer activities throughout the year.

My promise to you if you become my client is that I will always be honest and straight with you, and all I ask in return is the same.

Contact Nathan and Joe today to see how we can be of service to you.